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ABOUT US What is the Hachinohe Port Logistics
Globalization Promotion Council?

The Hachinohe Port Logistics Globalization Promotion Council was established on August 20, 1995, to stimulate the regional economy by developing Hachinohe Port into an international logistics hub.

The activities carried out by the council to achieve this objective include encouraging greater utilization of ocean-going and inland vessels, developing new routes, and promoting international trade.

OUR VALUES Attractions of Hachinohe Port

3 key points:
Three key points
  • Diverse features of Hachinohe Port
  • Excellent land, sea, and air access
  • International gateway port in northern Tohoku

A logistics hub port that supports the northern Tohoku economy

Being a maritime transport hub, Hachinohe Port has been designated as one of Japan's 102 major ports. It is the largest industrial port in the northern Tohoku region, where industries such as the following are all located in the waterfront area: industries related to feed production; industries related to the production of paper, metals and other key materials; the shipbuilding industry; and energy-related industries, such as those engaged in the development of LNG terminals. Serving as a logistics hub that boasts the third largest container handling capacity in Tohoku (behind only Sendai-Shiogama Port and Akita Port) while supporting the economy of the northern Tohoku region and as an energy supply base, the port's roles are expanding day to day.

  • POINT 01 Diverse features of Hachinohe Port

    Diverse features of Hachinohe Port

    Photograph courtesy of Hachinohe Port and Airport Office, Tohoku Regional Development Bureau, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism

    An industrial and commercial port that supports the industrial city of Hachinohe, Hachinohe Port is also well known as a fishing port that boasts one of Japan's largest volumes of landings off the Sanriku Coast, one of the richest fishing grounds in the world.

    In 1994, the port became the first in Tohoku to serve international trade container routes, and many maritime shipping companies have begun providing services there ever since. Hachinohe Port plays a major role as an international logistics hub that links local industries to the world.

  • POINT 02 Excellent land, sea, and air access

    Excellent land, sea, and air access

    Located in the city of Hachinohe, which is well connected to major Japanese cities via highways, Shinkansen lines, air routes, and ferry services, Hachinohe Port is one of the most accessible places in northern Japan. As the port's advantageous positioning has attracted many companies, particularly research institutions, manufacturing and assembly companies, and high-tech companies, to Hachinohe Green High-Tech Land (located in the northwest part of the city and 10 to 15 minutes from Hachinohe Port by car), another industrial complex (Hachinohe North-Interchange Industrial Complex II) is now being developed (scheduled to be sold in lots in FY2024). Furthermore, a smart interchange and the Sanriku Coastal Road are scheduled to come into operation in the area (after 2021). This growing convenience is expected to further increase the movement of people and goods.

  • POINT 03 International gateway port in northern Tohoku

    International gateway port in northern Tohoku

    In recent years, Hachinohe Port has been required to provide ever greater convenience in order to meet an increasingly diverse range of needs. The port facilities are expected to be further enhanced not only for logistics purposes (e.g., handling container and break-bulk cargo shipping, which is projected to grow in the future), but also for tourism and exchange purposes (e.g., providing public waterfront spaces for casual relaxation and accommodating cruise ships). Hachinohe Port will continue to pursue sustainable growth as an international logistics hub with the aim of serving as a "gateway port that opens northern Tohoku up to the world" while supporting the industrial activities of the northern Tohoku region.

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