PRIVACY POLICY Privacy policy

PRIVACY POLICY Privacy policy

Basic policy

The website of the Hachinohe Port Logistics Globalization Promotion Council (hereinafter referred to as the “Website”) shall ensure the appropriate collection, utilization and management of personal information and give due respect to the privacy of those who visit the site (hereinafter referred to as “users”) to ensure that they can use it with peace of mind.

Personal information

As used here, the term “personal information” refers to personally identifiable information that may include details such as the person’s name, address, and/or email address.

Collection of personal information

Users can normally access the Website via the Internet without having to reveal any personal information. If we ask users to provide personal information, we will collect only the minimum necessary for valid purposes that we have clearly explained. In principle, personal Information is collected only if users provide it voluntarily.


The Website uses a technology called “cookies.” A “cookie” is a text file used to identify the computer from which the user has accessed the website. The Website uses cookies only to identify computers, not to collect personal information about the users, such as their names, addresses, and/or other information (e.g., IDs or passwords). As a result, users cannot be identified unless they enter or provide personal information themselves.

Even if your browser does not support cookies or you set your browser to reject them, you can still view most of the Website’s content but the functionality may be limited on some pages.

Google Analytics

The Website uses Google Analytics for access analysis.
Although Google Analytics collects analytical data about access to the Website, the information collected is anonymous and the access data is unrelated to personal information about the users. The analytical results are used only to improve the quality of the Website and create better content.


For privacy protection reasons, the Website uses SSL protocols for encrypted communication.

Utilization and provision of personal information

Personal information provided by users through the Website shall be used only for purposes that have been clearly explained. They shall not be utilized or provided for other purposes, even within the Council, unless otherwise approved by the users themselves or stipulated in applicable laws, regulations, or other rules.

Management of personal information

Collected personal information shall be strictly managed by the secretariat of the Council by implementing appropriate measures to prevent its leakage, loss, and damage. If your information is no longer required, we will ensure that it is immediately disposed of or deleted in a secure manner.

Scope of application

This basic policy shall apply only to the Website.

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