CONTAINER TERMINAL Container terminal

GLOBAL PORT HACHINOHE Berth J at Hattaro Wharf No. 2 (multi-purpose international logistics terminal)

  • Making full use of the area of 85,000 m2, this terminal functions as an important channel for imports and exports.
    This 50,000-ton container berth is equipped with not only fumigation facilities, but also 107 reefer plugs (440 V).

    Berth J at Hattaro Wharf No. 2 (multi-purpose international logistics terminal)

    Tonnage of ship (DW or GT) 
    Water depth (m) 
    Extension (m)

    40,000 DW -13 m 260 m

    Port facility charges

    Port charge
    (per GT)
    Berthing facility charge (per GT)
    (berth/shallow draft quay)
    Cargo-handling machinery charge
    (gantry crane)
    Open storage yard charge
    (container yard)
    Ocean-going vessel: 2.00 yen Ocean-going vessel 4.50 yen/12 hours
    6.00 yen/day
    33,550 yen/30 minutes 4.75 yen/m2/day
    *Additional reefer plug charge
    147 yen/outlet/hour
    Inland vessel: 1.10 yen Inland vessel 4.95 yen/12 hours
    6.60 yen/day

    Exemption from port facility charges

    Exemption from port charges is available during the period below as follows.
    Target vessels: International feeder container vessels calling at Hachinohe Port and the three Keihin ports (Tokyo Port, Kawasaki Port and Yokohama Port)
    Amount: The entire port charge is to be exempted.
    Exemption period: Until March 31, 2024

    ●Contact for inquiries about the port facility charges
    Hachinohe Port Management Office, Regional Development Department, Sanpachi Regional Administration Bureau, Aomori Prefectural Government Tel: 0178-21-2280

    Container terminal facilities (Hattaro Wharf No. 2)
    • Reefer plugs
    • Gate building
    • Fumigation facilities
    • Container
    Container terminal facilities (Hattaro Wharf No. 2)
    Berth Water depth: 13 m Length: 260 m
    Gantry cranes 2 units (lifting load: 30.5 t)
    Straddle carriers 6 units
    Container yard Area: 85,000 m2 Storage capacity: 2,830 TEU
    Reefer plugs 107 units (440 V)
    Truck scale 1 lane (max. weight: 50 t Size: 270 mm × 13,000 mm)
    Administration building 1 building (office)
    Inspection building 1 building (cargo subject to customs control and plant/animal quarantine)
    Gate building 1 building (handling over of containers)
    Ship loading/unloading Throughout the year (except for seven designated national holidays)
    Fumigation facilities 1 building (2 fumigation rooms for 40-ft. containers)
    Container terminal management

    Hachinohe Port Container Terminal Consortium
    Container Business Section, Hachinohe Kowan Unso Kaisha, Ltd. TEL.0178-29-3121
    Shinmaru Koun Co., Ltd. TEL.0178-20-2325

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